As this year’s Repository Fringe takes place during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Preview week there will be a truly dizzying array of entertainment on offer! To help with coordinating plans we suggest you use the #rf11social hashtag

The Informatics Forum is located next to a brand new hub of Fringe venues known collectively as Assembly George Square (Venue 3) and just around the corner from Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) so we are very much at the centre of the bustling Festival atmosphere.

The choice can be a little too challenging so we would recommend looking at these helpful sites to pick likely shows and experiences to explore:

  • The List is the Edinburgh equivalent of Time Out and includes listings for all cultural activities in the capital including Festival listings
  • The Guardian maintains a dedicated area of the website and heavy coverage of both the Edinburgh Festival and the adjacent Edinburgh Television Festival.
  • The Scottish newspapers carry significant coverage and/or special sections or websites for the festival: The Scotsman, The Herald, The Evening News and the Metro.
  • There are various festival freesheets around town that carry reviews and information such The Skinny and, running only during August, Fest and Three Weeks.

The best place for information on venues, to browse listings and to make bookings are the official pages for the Edinburgh Festivals during or around the dates of Repository Fringe:

Repository Fringe/Fringe Festival Trivia

During the three days of Repository Fringe over 1300 Fringe Shows will take place including:

  • 6 flamenco shows
  • 8 a cappella shows
  • 18 clown shows
  • 22 absurdist pieces
  • 27 puppet performances
  • 109 storytelling events
  • 154 comedy shows
  • 159 drama performances