Take Part


There are 4 ways to take part in Repository Fringe 2011

1. Sponsor RepoFringe 2011

We are no longer seeking sponsorship for this year’s event but would love to hear from any organisations, projects or companies with relevance to our participants who may be interested in sponsoring us in 2012.

Please email us at repofringe@gmail.com for more information.

2.  Be Part of the RepoFringe 2011 Programme

We are no longer seeking contributions  for this year’s event but would love to hear from a wide range of repository actors who may be interested in taking part in the 2012 event.  We welcome: live demonstrations of innovative work; “lightning” presentations on any subject relating to current, or future repository endeavours; facilitated Round Table discussions; tutorials and presentations on related topics; workshops and developer day activities.

    Email us at repofringe@gmail.com and/or you are welcome to share your idea in the comments section below.

    3. Be A Super Attendee

    The easiest way to take part is to come along, contribute your fantastic comments, ideas and questions and we encourage you to blog, tweet and take pictures to help us record and build upon the sharing that has taken place at the event.

    The booking form can be found on EventBrite here: http://repofringe2011.eventbrite.com/ and the hashtag/tag for posts about the event is #rfringe11.

    You can also take part remotely via our Live Streams of video, tweets and images from the event. Either head over to the Livestream page or Tweet with the #rfringe11 hashtag.

    4. Tell Your Friends

    Even if you can’t make it along you can still play a crucial role in the event by telling your repository minded colleagues and friends about the event, joining in with discussions on Twitter, sharing ideas here on our blog.


      2 Responses to “Take Part”

    1. Are there any plans to have Repository Fringe in 2012? I would like to attend both the Open Repositories Conference and Repository Fringe in Edinburgh.
      Slavko Manojlovich
      Memorial University of Newfoundland

    2. Slavko,

      We will hopefully have some news on next year’s events very soon – keep an eye on the blog here.

      Many thanks,

      Nicola Osborne,
      RepositoryFringe Organising Team